Aug 3, 2020

Darwin On The Mend

Hello, folks. As many of you know, our brother and SAWBONES bassist extraordinaire, Darwin Reddekopp, suffered a stroke in June. It was pretty scary how this was gonna go at the time. Although he's thankfully out of immediate danger, the road to recovery for ol' Darwin will be long and hard.

The latest news is that he's in an Edmonton rehab facility learning how to physically & mentally cope with what has happened to him. His close friends & relatives appreciate the online support, prayers and well-wishes. We try to keep fresh updates thru Facebook on his progress so keep on checking that out.

Until further notice -- as one can imagine given this bad news plus the pandemic-blamed lack of gigs -- the band will be on hiatus. Thank you, all, for your support, understanding and keeping the positive vibes coming for our Darwin!  



SAWBONES in the Camrose Booster!!

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Eons in the making....

SAWBONES - Rejects
Official release date -  June 22, 2019.
Available on Spotify, Google Play or wherever you enjoy streaming/downloading music. Also thru band members themselves or at live shows.

SAWBONES - Rejects

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